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IMAJID the Headshots

Hey Everyone!

As someone who has lost his fair share of contests in the past – something I can tell you I am deeply bitter about! I thought I’d design one that people can have a good chance of actually winning!

I am giving away a pair of tickets to see Majid Jordan in downtown Toronto at the Sound Academy on November 10th. The tickets are fully sold out – and I can guarantee you it will be an amazing night and experience. All YOU have to do is get some headshots of your lovely face that you probably needed anyway! Say for grad school…or to replace the old FB profile picture you’ve kept since ’13 (cause hey – you look great in it) or just cause you deserve something new in your life!

The link for signup is here:

Here are the rules:

  1. For $10 CAD you get a 15-minute session for headshots. (A bargain!)

  1. After the session has concluded, you may select up to 3 photos – choose wisely! As I will delete the electronic files off of my camera after the session has concluded.

  1. You will receive 5 entries into the contest for your purchased session and will be given a piece of paper with your relevant entry numbers on your way out! Don’t lose these – as they are proof J

  1. As gratitude to those loyal individuals out there, you know you are! I am giving 2 extra entries per person that you refer to me and complete a session of their own.

  1. Payment will be accepted only in cash, and on the time and day of your photo session.

  1. If you are interested, please fill out the appropriate Google form located on the event page! They let me know little details like when you are free, what kind of photos you want etc.

And that’s it…! Good luck to all who participate, I bid thee all the luck one can get! Share widely and be kind to one another,


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